For we walk by faith,<br />;not by sight 2 Corinthians 5:7 
            For we walk by faith,
   Not by sight. For we walk by faith, not by sight

Eagles Sees a Long Distance Prey

11 May 2016
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Eagles Sees a Long Distance Prey or Enemy

Eagles have strong vision and so are able to identify its prey and focusses on it until it gets the prey and at the same time it is able to see from afar its enemy

the snakes trying to sneak in to its nest in order to steal its egg or to kill its young ones. Though eagles build its nest on high rocks and places, snakes have a tendency and ability to climb it. But the strong vision of eagles keeps the enemies away from its nest. We as the children of God are focused on our reward which is to kill the unbelief, sorrow, depression and eat the positive things of peace, joy and righteousness as a result of killing it (Isa 61:2-3; Rom 14:17). The demons and devils have a tendency and ability to attack our nest which is our home, finance, relationships, health, spiritual wellbeing and soulish wholeness (1 Peter 5:8). The demonic realm of principalities, powers and rulers of the darkness of this age who are trying to steal, kill and destroy our abundant life of God within our families, loved ones and our community, we see by the foresight and strong vision of God from far off and start to resist it by attacking it, the enemy who tries to come in will become scared and flee away (John 10:10; Eph 6:12; James 4:7; 1 Peter 5:9-10). The Lord will reveal the plans of the enemy within our spiritual foresight like for the prophet Elisha. When the Lord reveals the plans of the enemy in advance to us, the enemies of our soul will become frustrated, powerless and confused till they can no more attack us who are the people of God (2 Kings 6:23; Matt 4:11; Luke 4:13). This has recently happened to me in my life too. The Lord showed the enemy trying to kill a lukewarm believer whom I know very well in a vision. I prayed for him to be shown mercies and had peace after that. Afterwards I met his mother a few weeks later and she told that this particular believer met with an accident and if not for God's grace would have died on that spot itself. I told her the time that it might have occurred and she said that it was the same time he met with an accident. I praise God for the strong vision of royalty he gives to us in various times which outwits the enemies plans completely

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